Zenscape is an interactive visual experience that will calm and relax your mind.

Imagine sitting by the lakeside watching the waves gently lapping the shore, or getting lost in the flickering dance of a candle. The waves and flames are ever-changing and always entrancing, drawing you in and calming your mind.

Now you can bring this meditative experience to the palm of your hand with Zenscape.

  • Six entrancing themes to fit your mood
  • Timeless, inspirational quotes to contemplate
  • Interact by touching the screen or gently shaking your iPhone/iPod
  • Soothing, relaxing music that can be toggled on or off
  • Or, listen to music from your own collection

Zenscape - find your Zen!


Screenshot gallery (click to view full-size):

Title Screen Flames Psychedelic Romantic Underwater


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